woman's self-defense


Why Self-Defense is important

Self-defense is important because statistics say that all woman are good candidates to become victims of violent crimes at any point in their lives. According to statistics, a woman who is only  21 years of age has a 25 percent risk of suffering a violent crime in her life. Self-defense is more than just okay when a  woman's safety is in danger, defending herself by fighting back is the most ethical decision she can make.

In general, there are several crimes that women are most at risk of. They are rape.carjacking, purse snatching, threats, domestic violence, and crimes against children in their protection. With each type of crime woman need to realize that they don't have to give up and surrender to it or endure it. Up until the last second  before the crime actually occurs, woman usually still have the power to make decisions that can profoundly affect the outcome.

Self-defense and self-protection are an important priority for women. The most common crime to happen to a woman is rape, but it is more about a feeling of dominance from one person over another rather than actual sex. According to statistics, the majority of rapes are perpetrated by men who women know. Assault on women is also a common crime because assailants assume women will be more passive and not fight back, this has to do with stereotypes of women. The best way for women to fight back against crime is to prevent it from happening by avoiding being alone or being in badly lit areas. However, getting into such situations is sometimes inevitable.

The majority of rapes occur in the victim's home. According to the Bureau of Justice, almost 40 percent of all rapes take place in the female victim's home. In the event that ra​pe prevention fails-such as by avoiding problem areas or making sure a woman is never alone-the best chance for survival is to FIGHT BACK. Fighting back is not just necessary, but it is a moral right because protecting ones self is paramount. Urban Tactical instructors teach women why self-defense is important, tools and techniques for effective self-defense , situational awareness, Phycology of a predator, and information on gun use. woman's self-defense