Urban Tactical Instructors

James Urban


CEO / Chief Instructor James Urban has over 25 years of combined experience in personal protection, high-risk private and corporate security, executive protection, conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation. Including over 10 years working in a covert capacity for a multi-national conglomerate.   

 James also offers consulting services for personal and corporate security, loss prevention, counter-corporate espionage, and threat assessment. James provides a wide array of training, to include: hand-to hand- combat techniques, gleaned from over a dozen martial arts disciplines, weapon retention and disarming techniques, tactical knife, tomahawk and baton, offensive and defensive tactics,  response team tactics, room clearing, hostage escape techniques, hand cuffing and transporter techniques, situational awareness training, lie detection and interrogation techniques, executive protection and threat assessment training, and woman’s self-defense. With over 30 years in Martial Arts and Tactical training.

Due to the nature of the business and non-disclosure agreements, Urban cannot reveal all of the individuals, dignitaries and corporations he has worked for or in what capacity he has offered services.


Jay Stratton


Urban Tactical Senior Instructor and VP Jay Stratton has over 16 years experience as a Tactical Medic and US Army Paratrooper. He served with the 82nd Airborne Division out of Ft. Bragg, NC as a combat medic and has multiple deployments in the Middle East and Africa earning him the Combat Medic Badge for performing medical duties while engaged in hostile enemy contact. He is a Florida registered Paramedic as well as a US Army Master Fitness Trainer and tactical strength and conditioning coach. He has been to many schools such as France's Desert Commando School, US Army Airborne School, Operational Emergency Medical Skills, US Army Master Fitness Course, Emergency Medical Technician - Tactical, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Burn Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, International Life Support and is a Nationally Certified Medical Office Manger for a vascular surgery practice. Jay Is also a current National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor. He is a member of and trained in FCS Kali, as well as in Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, Weapons Disarms, Executive Protection, and CQB. 

Cordarro "Cord" Harper


 Urban Tactical Instructor Cordarro “Cord” Harper served as an US Army as a Combat Medic for 11 years.  Cord has multiple deployments to Iraq with the 82nd ABN Division and served in South Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division. Cord is a Master Rated Jumpmaster and has earned the coveted Expert Field Medical badge and the Combat Action Badge. Cord is a current Special Operations Combatives Instructor and Level 4 Modern Army Combative instructor. He is also a certified medical and firearms instructor training conventional military, special operations, and civilians. Cord also has over 14 years martial arts experience in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Kali and MMA. ​

Matt Coleman


Urban Tactical Instructor Matthew Coleman enlisted in the Army in 2007 as an Infantryman. He attended OSUT at Ft. Benning, GA in October 2007 and was assigned to B Co 2/58th ITB. After completion of OSUT, Matthew Coleman went onto his first duty assignment at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii where he was assigned to Charlie Troop 3-4 CAV 3BDE 25th ID as a Rifleman and then assigned to a Scout Sniper Section. After a trip to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Matt was reassigned to Ft. Riley, Kansas as a member of HHC 1-63AR 2BDE 1ID Sniper Section and is serving as a Team Leader and Squad Leader.

Matt’s schools include USASS, United States Army Sniper School, Warrior Leader Course Advanced Leaders Course, Recruiting School, CLS, and Field Sanitation.

Ben Zaharias


Urban Tactical Instructor Ben Zaharias has been training in the martial arts for 32+ years.  He has trained in various arts from multiple countries and disciplines. 

FCS Manong - 2/11/2013

Urban Tactical - Instructor 5/17/2014

Krav Maga Street Defense - Basic Instructor 2/17/2015

Tae Kwon Do - Black Belt 3/09/1991

ALICE instructor - 4/26/2017

NRA pistol instructor - 12/13/2017

International Urban Tactical Instructors

Bruno Gabriel



Urban Tactical Instructor Bruno Gabriel has over 15 years of experience in combat tactics and martial arts. Bruno is Urban Tactical head instructor Brazil Headquarters, Bruno also holds rank in many other systems such as:

President and technical director of the Brazilian Association of Panantukan e Mano Y Mano

Technical director at S.A.I (integrated aggressive systems)

Responsible for FCS KALI (Filipino Combat Systems) in Brazil

(with 13 Years of experience training in the Philippines).

Practitioner of Pencak Silat

Hapkido Instructor

Bruno is responsible for workshops and specialized courses in all Brazilian territory for Civilians and Military.


Rodrigo Muller



Urban Tactical Instructor Rodrigo Muller has over 15 years police academy instructor, 9 years Brazilian Swat group instructor  (PJC/MT) in Brazil. Rodrigo also has experience and Training in:

Police Special Operations Units” (BRASIL/SENASP/RENAESP/UNEMAT) 

Brazil Specialist in Counter Terrorism Operations and High Risk Personal Protection – PSD/VIP Protection 

Master Breacher Brazil SWAT and Dallas SWAT Police Department 

Police/Firearms Instructor and C.Q.B. Instructor 

Hostage Rescue Specialist 

Explosive Specialist 

Firearms Instructor certify by NRA (National Rifle Association) USA

Rodrigo has over 35 years in martial arts and hold high rank in Sho Kumo Ryu Ninjutsu, also is CEO of Müller Consulting & Training LLC and is our international instructor in USA

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