tactical fitness

Tactical athletes use their mind and bodies to protect and serve. They may be the first to respond and assist at emergencies, accidents, disasters, and or terrorist attacks. At all times, they must be ready to face any and all threats whether it be physical or mental.

                                   Strength + Mobility = Survivability

 What we once called Military, Police, Fire Fighter, and Special Operations fitness Programs are now categorized into the ever-growing Tactical Fitness that can be utilized by Tactical professionals and the everyday athlete to be prepared for real life application.

        What is the difference between Tactical Fitness and Regular Fitness?

 Tactical Fitness is not about workouts, it's about work. It is not about working out to look good at the beach, it is about creating programs that carry over into real life functional movements like lifts, carries, and running which may also require analytical and creative thinking. 

 Tactical Fitness is about preparing your mind and body for occupational specificity where your fitness may one day be the difference between life and death.  Not only does your health and fitness need to be developed, but your ability to react as you have been trained and think clearly under stress is an absolute must.

 The majority of tactical athletes operate within a team environment. It is crucial that members of the team, develop and implement a cohesive fitness regiment gear towards improving the teams ability to perform in any given situation. 

 Tactical fitness is not just about a healthy heart, blood pressure, and weight. It includes but is not limited to:

Aerobic Endurance – ability to use large muscle group between moderate and high intensity for more than a few minutes.

Muscle Power – rate of work per unit of time. The rate at which strength can be generated

Flexibility and Agility – moving a joint through a complete range of motion and the capacity to suddenly change speed and direction.

Muscle Strength - maximum amount of force that can be generated by a muscle or muscle group.

Other Skills – This includes learning to swim, river crossing etc.

Warrior Mindset – The creativity and aptitude to think on your feet. The skill to persevere when times get tough and motivate others around you.

Incorporating these elements into your daily workout routine will better prepare you for real world situations. Being a tactical athlete is about performing an occupational or individual needs analysis, strengthening the body and mind, and performing at a high level of individual readiness to safely and effectively accomplish your mission.

                              Train Specific, Train Hard, Be Prepared.​