Tactical Firearms Training


Tactical Firearms training was designed to give you the tools and techniques needed for a tactical encounter. Training is important to learn the application of techniques, to practice the critical decision making possesses, and ingrain the skills required to win a tactical encounter. Urban Tactical Instructors have designed scenario-based training that is designed to prepare you for an actual tactical Encounter.

Training courses will include:

  • Basic and advanced firearms handling  
  • Presenting your firearm on the move 
  • Responding to threats from the front, side and rear
  • Responding to threats utilizing non-standard presentation techniques
  • Shooting from unconventional positions standing, kneeling and or lying on your back or side
  • Advanced use of cover and concealment
  • One handed malfunction clearances using either the firing or support hand  
  • Malfunction clearances on the move
  • Situational decision making based on your opponent’s weapon, characteristics, and proximity
  • Weapon presentation from within a vehicle (including egress from the vehicle)
  • Shooting around and under vehicles and other types of cover and concealment
  • Advanced low light and night techniques, such as utilizing cover while using a flashlight