Tactical Casualty Care

The Tactical Medic Course, is a course designed to help you provide the life saving techniques needed to care for a casualty in an unconventional environment. This course is designed for everyone. Those with no medical experience, paramedics, EMTs, Physicians, nurses, firefighters and all levels of first responders. This course it taught in conjunction with the guidelines for TCCC as taught through the US Department of Defense and the American College of Surgeons. The course is taught by Urban Tactical Senior Instructor and VP Jay Stratton.  

The course is broken in to 4 classes:

Get em off the X!

"Get em off the X!" teaches the basics of Tactical Medicine. You will learn about the 3 phases of Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Basics of Anatomy and Physiology, how to control life threatening bleeding, and how to tactically move to, secure, and extract a casualty.  Whether in a tactical environment or not, keeping the red blood cells in and getting to a higher level of care as soon as possible is crucial for a desirable patient outcome. This class sets the foundation for the rest of the program.


If you cant breathe, you cant live. Our Airway class teaches how to secure a life saving Airway. You will dive into more complex anatomy and physiology of the airway and respiratory systems. You will learn proper techniques of opening and securing an quick airway and managing basic respiratory issues.

Patient Assessment

The Patient Assessment Course teaches how to deal with basic circulation issues and to properly perform a Rapid head to toe trauma assessment.  You will learn how to treat for shock, establish a field blood pressure and how to treat non life threatening injuries. The course will also cover how to set up a 360 degree perimeter to protect the casualty while care is being rendered.


Indoc is not for the weak or fainthearted. This course is designed to test your medic skills and earn the right to say you have what it takes to perform your job under tough conditions. Indoc is 24 hours of physical and mental stress. You will be tired, cold, wet, hungry, sensory overloaded and sensory deprived, and will be pushed to your limit. You will have to show your medical knowledge and abilities under undesirable conditions. This is a pass or fail event. Follow our Facebook Page for Indoc dates and info.